About Us

Ilana Holdstein Audiology Clinic, established 32 years ago has added another service to the public and is a multi disciplinary clinic in the area of ear diseases and hearing impairment diagnosis and treatment.

The clinic's team includes Dr. Yehuda Holdstein, ENT specialist & otologist and Mrs. Ilana Holdstein, a speech pathologist specializing in audiology. Both are well versed in their areas of expertise.

This is a unique combination in a setting of a modern audiology clinic offering the whole gamut of diagnostic options.

The expertise described will be applied to middle ear diseases, enabling accurate diagnosis and consultation about treatment options.

Surgical treatment, when needed, will be offered by DR. Holdstein to be done at ASSUTA private hospital in Haifa.

Highest quality of treatment and personal attention are the clinic's team motto.

To make an appointment, please call: 04-8512930 or send us an email.